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NAAM ltd, providing more than 30 years of experience to its private and the public costumers with comprehensive computing and technology services, with courteous and personal service orientation.

We’ll provide you with everything you need from Hardware, Software and cutting edge peripheral Equipment, for planning, building and maintenance of computerized offices.

We at NAAM believe in punctuality and accuracy. We guarantee full adherence to timetables and deadlines along with a personal and professional service attitude. We sincerely believe that satisfied costumers serves  a business best asset and we will not spare toil and trouble to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Our dedicated and professional team will gladly assist you anytime and provide you with comprehensive service and technology solutions that will enable you to conduct business with a clear head in a bug free environment.

In the last three decades we’ve gathered a tremendous amount of experience in fulfilling the needs of organizations – in the private and the public sector alike, and we are proud to be at the cutting edge of technology and service orientation.

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