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התקנת voip

Think about it – How many phone calls does your organization conduct during a day? A hundred? Five hundred? Business nowadays consists mainly of the exchange of information, and in some organizations this number can reach the thousands. One thing is for sure:  no matter how many phone calls you make during a work day, in terms of Mega-bites they are nothing compared to the vast amount of data you chase across the web in a couple of hours.

If you had to pay for Internet accesses the amount you are paying for phone calls you probably would be out of business by now, or at least would have downgraded to carrier pigeons. The obvious question is of course: “Why?!”  Why on earth would you pay for low-tech communication services – which are mainly based on previous century technologies – many times more than you are paying for the cutting edge of network technologies that allow you instant accesses to the whole knowledge of mankind while sending zipped gigabytes of information from one corner of the globe to the opposite one.

Well, If you’re asking your phone company the answer might be rather complicated. Our summery of the answer sounds a lot like the well-known joke about the dog: Because they can.

Luckily the world does not stop evolving, and today they are solutions that allow you to reduce your communication expenses dramatically while enhancing productivity.

We at NAAM will gladly provide you with the most advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) technology that will change your attitude towards voice communication forever.

“Voice over IP” is precisely what it sounds like – Audio information which is digital encoded and sent via the internet. Instead of relying on the overpriced analog telecommunication infrastructure of your phone provider, your phone call is conducted via the web and its much more attractive rules.

The VoIP system we’ll provide to you will enable you to conduct free internal phone calls (not just inside one building, but between branches and agents of your organization across the globe), transfer your private number to a station of your choice and use it all over the globe.

Your savings in communication expenses will be significant, especially if you are used to frequent long distance calls. Our service will enable you to conduct phone calls to every corner in the world at the price of a simple local phone call. Your partner on the other side of the line won’t be aware at all of the fact that you’re bypassing your phone company. The Sound quality is excellent and the system is 100% reliable.

The management tools that come with our system are unprecedented: You will be able to work with a switchboard with an infinite amount of extensions, easily record calls, use a customized call-back service, almost unlimited voice mail storage, and above all – work with computerized and easy to use  administrative tools for all of the above.

Our system is 100% bug-free and reliable, but if you insist, we will install for you a backup landline that will ensure your communication continuity – even if the internet itself crushes.

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